Wisdom Teeth Extractions (with Sedation) in Homer Glen

Due to the evolutionary pattern of human jaw size, wisdom teeth, or third molars, tend to erupt in misalignment or are submerged into the jawbone. Even hygiene conscious patients generally have a difficult time keeping these teeth free of dental plaque and calculus. For this reason, wisdom teeth are usually extracted prior to causing long lasting dental problems. These teeth are typically removed during the late teens or early twenties for a more predictable and effective healing outcome although they can be removed at any stage in life.

Some of these problems may include:

  1. Cavities that develop on the surface of a wisdom tooth that can lead to abscess formation
  2. Horizontal or vertical impaction that lead to the tooth being submerged in the jaw bone or being pushed against the adjacent 2nd molar
  3. Cavity formation on adjacent 2nd molar that can lead to loss of multiple teeth
  4. In some cases, infection of a wisdom tooth may progress into anatomical spaces that can cause airway closure.
  5. Supra-eruption of wisdom teeth that can cause tissue trauma to opposing arch

To prevent these problems from occurring in the first place, your doctor may recommend pulling these teeth in order to maintain a strong and healthy oral environment. This procedure can be done using either local anesthesia or sedation depending on patient preference. During your initial exam, your doctor will evaluate both clinically and radiographically to inform you if this procedure is indicated. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art dental imaging systems including Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and Panoramic Radiography to assist in the treatment planning of these procedures.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions (with Sedation)  - Eco Dental, Homer Glen Dentist

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